The guys singing & playing with Linda's son Josh.

Some music the guys were playing in Georgia. Nephews Christian, Ethan, and Elliot.

Really...I need to get on the ball. It's been a while since I've posted here! No real news to tell, just living it one day at a time :) All is well at our house. Money's tight, as it is all over... but we're all well!
Do have some sad news; my Step-dad, "Pop" Wendell passed away about a week and a half ago. I have some pics of the family from that time. It was a sad occassion, but was good to see some family that I hadn't seen in many years. Some of the kids I'd yet to meet! Ember got to see snow for the first time. Ru took the girls out to build a snowman and snow angels. I was glad they had that little diversion... We went up twice, and the 2nd time we braved RV traveling! We set up the little redneck RV in the backyard...lol Here are a few pics from our time in Georgia:
Joie's picture with glitter glue "Snow Day!"
Joie's about to pelt Ru in the bum I think.....!! and Emmi kissing her new snow friend.
Joie wishing to go back to the snow...in the dark!!
The family before we left for home.

Ember with her cousins Judah & Eli, and her cousins Mia kissing Jake!
Emmi and me with Baby Caanan (My Nephew Johnny's youngest)!
The available family on the 2nd trip before we all left town.
Ember ridin' in style, eatin' chocolate & watchin' TV in the RV!



I gave Emmi some makeup to play with...I thought I'd picked out a rather mild colored lipstick....LOL *ack!!* It was so funny when I came back to check on her and her whole face was pinkish! She looks like a little indian. Oh well...she had fun!

So...One day in October Joie was waiting for her ride to school...It was rainy out but not cold, so she took her umbrella out and jumped on the trampoline while waiting! I thought it was cute so
of course I broke out the camera!

And here's the Princess doing what the princess does...


Ember and Joie were in the church service on Oct 25th. It was an "all children service". Emmi dressed up like one of the sheep. (Here she is trying on her sheep costume.) The kids did skits, sang songs (some with sign language), said prayers, and spoke up front. It was very enjoyable! They did a great job.

Singing "Jesus Loves me" with friends--Papa is for moral support!

On Oct 18th we loaded up and headed to Tampa for the weekend to surprise Grandma Karen (Ru's mom) for her 60th birthday...Boy, was she surprised!! Kevin's sister Kim's family came from Maryland too, which was an even bigger surprise for Karen, as they traveled a loooong way just for the weekend! It was great to see everybody. We had fun just spending time--something we don't all get to do together very often... Karen told us many times to how much she appreciated the weekend! Happy Birthday Grandma Karen!
Hiding behind the sofa when she got home from church...and her reaction to the "Surprise!" jumping out from behind the sofa!..lol
Grandma Karen with the grandkids, and with Kevin and Kim.
Brennan and Ember helping her open gifts.

Some random pics from the weekend:
Kelly, Karen, Sean, Kaitlyn, Ru
Ember, Sean, Paige, Brennan
Sean and Brennan
"Hey, You're in my seat!"
Papa Dan & Brennan comparing "frogs".
Emmi and Brennan
The O'Grady's
The Ru's


Meme's Visit

My mom (Meme) came to visit us! She brought presents for the girls..one of the presents for Emmi was a new princess dress from Aunt Cindy! She also got a new princess tiara! And while Meme was here, we found some new cowgirl boots at a consignment shop...Here's Emmi modeling some of her fun stuff...(and Meme's glasses too!) LOL (Once again..Joie is absent from photos...haha!! she lucked out and got to go to school...)

Silly faces..

My kids and their silly faces they make when I try to take pictures of them....!!



Wow....what a place! Ru, Ember, and I went to IKEA Yesterday with DAnabel and Mom. It was amazing...Any home furnishings or appliance you could think of or want, they probably had some terrific version of it...maybe 2 or 3 versions of it..lol Wish I'd gone with more money in the bank...would've come home with some serious furnishings and small appliances!! They had kids' dream rooms set up for display, my dream bed(s) and awesome, comfortable looking bed coverings...There were kitchens and counter tops, and couches and chairs...and lots of red stuff which is right up my alley! I could have spent 2 or 3 days there! They even had a free daycare, which we used briefly--just long enough for Ember to get some of her energy out while Papa Ru sat down and rested....lol And...they had terrific food in the eat-in area upstairs; no need to leave if you get hungry while you spend the day! We did come home with a few little things... I've always loved square dishes. So we found some rectangle plates that matched in color to the round dishes we already have and got 8 or them :) yae me! and we got a new cheese grater, and a couple of art supply sets for the kids. Oh, and some ginger cookies...yummm ;0) We had a great time!